About this site

Davis VP2 Plus with 24-hour fan aspirated radiation shield

Eric Olthwaite's personal weather station site is a hobby site. It is not a 'professional' system with calibrated instruments in ideal locations, so please don't rely on it for making important decisions!

The weather station is located in Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia. It is a Davis Instruments Wireless Vantage Pro2™ Plus with 24-Hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield (#6163).

Eric's weather is available in several different formats or styles: wilmslow-style (this site), cumulusmx, cumulus, and cumulusutils. Just click on the links to try them :) They differ in the style and information presented.

Location Map

A little history

August 2015. A birthday present from my wife. I had asked for a remote temperature sensor so I could sit in my study and know just how hot it is outside. Instead of that simple device, I received a full weather station. The WMR200 has temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind sensors that transmit wirelessly to a base station.

September 2015. After a few hiccups - mainly because of my limited capacities - the station and sensors are talking to one another quite nicely and data recording begins in earnest.

October 2015. Started using Cumulus software to capture and store the data from the station on a laptop running Windows.

January 2016. After a few more hiccups - this is a redundant comment as there are always hiccups; and the primary reason is always the same - the Cumulus-style website is established to display the data.

Why Eric Olthwaite? Well, having got this far, my family were only too keen to remind me I was becoming (had become?) a little (a lot?) like Eric Olthwaite in The Testing of Eric Olthwaite. This was one the family's favourite episodes in the BBC series Ripping Yarns, written by Michael Palin and Terry Jones. Eric had an abiding interest in the weather, and shovels; until his family got fed up with him and ran away from home. There are some good snippets on YouTube.

June 2016. At great expense to the management, a Raspberry Pi computer was purchased. This is a "credit card" pc running under Linux. It now runs the Cumulus software 24/7, uploading to the website.

August 2017. Started developing a Wilmslow-style website - the one you are reading now. This can display virtually all of the data captured by Eric as well as other stuff. It involved establishing a MySQL database for storing and retreiving data.

November 2017. Begin uploading basic observations to Eric's Weather Underground site.

January 2018. Completion (well almost) of the Wilmslow-style website - links labelled as Eric's wow on the other sites. Installation of a weather34-style (dashboard) website - links labelled as Eric's dashboard.